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8 bedroom secrets women wish men know about ‘TONGA’! (no. 3 is crazy)

3. There is a big difference between porn and real life

Dear men, please, do not take sex lessons from what you see in porn movies, those people are paid and trained to do those things, if you create your own sexual expectations based on porn, you will be very disappointed. So please spare that woman the trouble of trying to bend her into uncomfortable positions or expecting her to like all the things porn stars like…that is just ridiculous!

4. Orgasms matter to women too

Some men think sex should be over when they reach orgasm, without considering the woman in bed with them and that is just selfish. Being a selfish lover is one of the fastest ways to make a woman lose interest in you and start looking for better sex outside. Sex is way better when both parties have fun, so try to make sure she is having as much fun as you are, build your rhythm and keep at it long enough for her to reach orgasm too – otherwise what is the point of her having sex with you in the first place?

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