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8 bedroom secrets women wish men know about ‘TONGA’! (no. 3 is crazy)

7. Rough sex is not always good sex

This is one thing people who get sex lessons from porn videos don’t understand – women are not formatted to want sex the way porn teaches you! Yes, it can get to the point where she wants you to go faster, and even harder, but usually you have to take it slow and build up the rhythm till it gets to that point because it takes time…she will even let you know when it gets to that point. Don’t be in a hurry to go fast like it’s a car race or something and then end up lasting only one minute, take your time and build the speed.

8. Women take longer than men to warm up

This is by far the most important point in this article! Dear men, get this fact straight – women do not get turned on or reach orgasm as fast as men do! A man can simply see a woman naked and get hard in two seconds, but women are a bit more complicated than that. They need time to warm up and need time to reach their climax. So it is very important that a man lasts long enough in bed to let his woman reach her climax, otherwise, it will NEVER happen in one minute!

Think about it, if you are the only one who enjoys the sex, why does she need to sleep with you? Don’t keep disappointing that woman, get the secret ingredient you need to last long for her and go as many rounds as she wants by CLICKING HERE NOW!

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